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Low Clearance Towing

All Star Towing Services
All Star Towing ServicesSteer Clear of Extra Fees With Us!

If you call a standard, or basic if you will, towing company in NY, you might find that they have clearance limitations. What we mean is, if you are parked somewhere tight like a parking garage, they might not be able to get the tow truck in there. So they will take advantage by charging you a fee to physically move your vehicle – of course, this is something you probably could have just done yourself, or they could have brought a low clearance tow truck in the first place, knowing the situation. We always make sure to do this if needed.

It is our goal to provide you with a low priced service and to help you quickly, rather than to just shove as much cash as possible into our wallet. So, if we know that we will need to bring a special kind of tow truck to get the job done, we will do it.

Call our team today if you need low clearance towing. 

Long Distance Towing

We can tow you here, there and everywhere!

Customers love that we don’t just offer local towing. We also provide long distance towing so that your car, SUV or motorcycle can get to where it needs to be safely. The convenience that we provide is unparalleled, and we do everything to the highest of standards and expectations. We will safely load your vehicle onto our flatbed tow truck, strap it down to ensure it is secure, and drive carefully to its destination. ... Read More

Flatbed Towing for Expensive Cars

Superior Flatbed Towing for Superior Cars
Choose us if you have a luxury vehicle that needs to be towed in NYC

We treat each car and motorcycle we are asked to tow with respect, but we take extra caution when it comes to handling luxury vehicles. If your car is the type that could be displayed in a car show, or one that would be suitable in a showroom with glass walls, then you can count on our experts to safely secure it and handle .... Read More


Our Services

Find all of the services you need with our reputable towing company.

It used to be that towing companies in NYC only offered towing services. This is no longer the case. Now, you have businesses such as our own that offer all sorts of solutions, covering all of your needs in regards to roadside assistance. You don’t need to call a locksmith for a lockout, and you don’t need to call a mechanic if your battery dies. You can call our local NY towing business. Here are some of the options we offer assistance with: ... Read More

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